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We offer every type of automotive service you can imagine at affordable prices. For a FULL LIST of our maintenance and repair services call our Hotline NOW at (865) 272-3379 or CLICK HERE!


We offer the highest quality collision repair to get your car back to where it was before your accident or mishap. To learn more about all the services we offer you can call our Hotline NOW at (865) 272-1003 or CLICK HERE.


If you need towing service, we are East Tennessee’s BEST choice. We are known for FAST response, reliable service and FAIR Pricing. Call our Hotline NOW at (865) 685-0210 or CLICK HERE!


We offer in-house and mobile windshield and window repair, replacement, chip repair, and more. You can count on us to be there when you need us. To schedule service, call our Hotline at (865) 685-0210 or CLICK HERE!

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We are an authorized UHAUL Dealer in Oak Ridge TN

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Come check out our large selection of trucks and trailers for your next move. At People’s Choice Automotive, you can expect the same great service renting UHAUL equipment as you ALWAYS get in our automotive repair department. Come see us today!


Auto Repair Oak Ridge

bigstock-car-mechanic-examining-car-sus-38663407Auto repair in Oak Ridge at People’s Choice!

If you need auto repair, Oak Ridge Tennessee is the home of People’s Choice Auto Repair… the name you can trust.  We trusted you to name our business and we will give you honest estimates and hard work at a fair price.  We offer fast, friendly service in a clean and safe auto repair facility.  We are a local family owned business serving Oak Ridge for over 17 years in the auto repair and collision repair business.  We treat our customers right and they keep coming back.

Our highly trained and certified technicians have years of experience in oil changes, wheel alignment, engine repairs, tire rotation and replacement, brake repairs and much more.  Check our our specials HERE!

If you want to be treated fairly and honestly People’s Choice Auto Repair is the repair shop you can trust in Oak Ridge.  If you need brake repair, transmission service, oil change, radiator repair or any other auto repair service, you can count on us to get the job done.

The People’s Choice Auto Repair Method!

First, we listen to you so we fully understand what the car is doing.  We will then examine the car and analyze the severity of the problem whether it be worn brakes, dirty oil or a rough sounding engine.  We will then give you the manufacturer’s recommended service to get your vehicle back to a safe, working condition.  We provide estimates upfront and choices that save you money.  Our goal is for you to leave with a healthy car and satisfaction.

 If you are looking for a solid company to provide you with auto repair, Oak Ridge Tennessee’s answer is People’s Choice Auto Repair.  To schedule your service visit, call us NOW at  (865) 272-3379.

Check out our monthly specials good only through the end of the month. Call NOW for details!

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About Us


We are a family owned business

People’s Choice Automotive Repair is a family owned business and part of the Wheel 2 Wheel family of automotive services. We are proud of that fact and the fact that we have now been in business for over 17 years. We are active members of the community and enjoy supporting a variety of community groups and charities, including the Boy’s Club, our local high schools, team sports, and others.

Owner Chris Lane opened his first business, Wheel 2 Wheel, when he was only 19 as an automotive detailing service.  Since then he has branched into collision repair, automotive repair & maintenance and towing.  As a lifelong lover of cars, Chris looked for ways to expand his philosophy of expert work and excellent customer service to other offerings. After nearly 2 decades, Chris Lane started People’s Choice Automotive Repair as a full-service shop where we are able to take of any problem you are having with your car, truck, van or SUV.

Mission Statement

At People’s Choice Automotive Repair, we measure our success based on our customer’s satisfaction. We provide a superior product by utilizing the most current technology available. Our goal is to return our customer’s vehicle looking as good as it did prior to the accident. Chris Lane and his highly professional and qualified staff are are committed to delivering excellent service and ensuring our customers drive away satisfied. Our greatest reward is a customer who is proud to recommend our services to anyone.

We offer a written lifetime warranty. If you want to be treated fairly and honestly and receive superior service, trust your vehicle to People’s Choice Automotive Repair. Our pledge to our customers is to do whatever possible to meet and exceed all of their expectations. There are many collision and service centers, but what we offer our customers is 100% satisfaction that everything that could go wrong with your car, we can fix.  That’s our promise to you, our valued customer.

Store Hours

Monday – Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

SERVICE HOTLINE (865) 272-3379

Our Locations

Peoples Choice Auto Repair Center
106 Melton Lake Drive, Oak Ridge TN 37830

Wheel 2 Wheel Collision Center
178 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge, TN 37830


Auto News

Top 5 things to make your car last!

1. Service your car per factory recommendations: This may seem natural, but letting the time slip and not getting your oil changed will take miles off the life of the engine and other parts. There is some leeway between when you should first get it changed and when you are overdue, so find out when it needs to be done and make sure you stay within specs.

2. Check your fluid and tire pressure levels: This is a no-brainer that only takes a few minutes. Your oil is the most important thing to check. Even in newer cars, you may not get a light until it is very low. In the Winter time, washer fluid is vital to seeing out your windshield in a storm. Don’t find yourself in the middle of it only to find out you don’t have washer fluid. Radiator, brake fluid, transmission fluid should also be checked on a regular basis. And lastly, under inflated tires wear out quickly.

3. Go slow on startup: Revving your engine as soon as you start it up doesn’t warm up the engine fast in the way you would like it. What happens is you have pistons rubbing against raw metal without proper lubricant. You need to give the oil a chance to circulate. On cold days, this takes even longer than normal. So, go slow and protect your engine from damage. You need to let the oil circulate for at least 30 seconds, and even longer if the car has sat for more than a day. Be kind to your engine and it will last a lot longer.

4. When something doesn’t sound right, don’t turn up the radio: Don’t ignore the odd noise or handling characteristics. It’s your car’s way of telling you something isn’t right. Turn your radio down, listen for the engine not running right, your brakes telling you they need to be replaced or any weird sound coming from your engine compartment that may not be normal. When it happens, bring the car in to a mechanic and have it looked at. A small auto repair bill now will save you a large bill down the road.

5. Drive smoothly! If you accelerate smoothly and brake smoothly, your car will last a lot longer. Take corners at a moderate speed to save your suspension. Don’t slam your foot on the gas and your suspension, rear end tires will all thank you. Try to be smooth in your gear shifting to save your transmission. All of these techniques and an attitude of smoothness combined will add miles to the life of car parts and your overall vehicle.

By doing preventive maintenance and taking it easy on your car, it will not only save you money, but keep your car healthy for a long time.

Check out our monthly specials good only through the end of the month. Call NOW for details!

oil change 300 180
Free Alignment
AC System Test