Is Your Alternator Failing?

Don’t end up stranded! Take care of your alternator!

Typically speaking, any electrical problems you notice with your car can be attributed to an issue with your alternator. While this isn’t the case all of the time, it is always a great place to start. Today, we will discuss a few of the common issues you can expect with an alternator.


Car Won’t Start

While a dead battery is the occasional cause of ¬†problems starting your car, if your car is having trouble starting fairly often, you might have a problem with the alternator. Particularly if your car won’t start at all, and you need to jump it to get going. You should take your car to a mechanic to pinpoint the reason, and save yourself from being stranded later on.

Dim Lights

Are certain parts of your car having trouble working as a team? Dim lights are a common sign of alternator trouble, particularly if your lights dim when you turn on the radio or air conditioner. no matter what the cause, this does indicate an electrical problem, so it is important to have it evaluated quickly.

Battery Problems

Because your alternator is responsible for keeping your battery charged, you will find yourself with a dead battery when the alternator fails. IT is important that you have the battery checked before you replace it, because if the battery is fine, but the alternator isn’t, you won’t be able to fix your car until the alternator is repaired.


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