3 Common Diesel Engine Problems

Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are known for their power an persistence. Still, problems do typically arise at some point, in all types of engines. If you are the owner of a diesel truck, or a high powered car with a diesel engine, you might be wondering what the most common problems are. If you have a problem with your diesel engine in Oak Ridge, TN, or Knoxville, TN, you can contact People’s Choice Auto Care. Take a look at 3 common diesel engine problems:

Dirty Exhaust

Of all the common diesel engine problems, exhaust contamination might be the most talked about. Yes, the black smoke-like exhaust permeating from the tail pipe might look good, but it indicates a problem with your vehicles fuel/air ratio. The consequences extend beyond possible damage to your truck or car, because you could be hit with a fine for failure to to abide by the clean air ordinance.

Faulty Lead Acid Batteries

Damaged lead acid batteries can actually throw off the engine’s compression ratio. If your vehicle is having issues starting, or starting slow, there could be an issue with your battery. The lead acid battery has a nice weight to power ratio making it efficient and powerful. Damage likely requires professional assistance.

Oil Oxidation

If you have left your truck in storage it may have been exposed to oil oxidation. This term refers to the infiltration of air into the oil and it can have serious consequences. Leaving this ailment unresolved can in fact damage your engine. Bring it by to People’s Choice Auto Repair so we can take a look, or give us a call at (865) 272-3379