Description of Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel systems are built to use their own compression to properly ignite the fuel, making them remarkably durable, reliable, and efficient. In a traditional gasoline engine, the fuel is mixed with air, and this mixture is compressed by pistons before a spark plug ignites it. A diesel engine compresses its fuel over three times as much as a conventional gasoline engine. In a diesel engine system, the air is compressed greatly, which introduces significant amounts of heat. After the compression stage, fuel is injected into the cylinder, where the vapor is ignited. Diesel engines do not have spark plugs, instead, they use glow plugs to start and operate more efficiently in cold temperatures. Glow plugs have two heating elements which allow them to get very hot quickly, allowing for faster starts when the engine is cold. If you notice any problems with your diesel engine, call People’s Choice Auto Repair at (865) 272-3379 for top notch diesel engine repair in Knoxville, and Oak Ridge, TN.

Diesel Engine Repair

When You Come into Our Shop, We’ll Provide You with a Full Diagnosis and Adequate Diesel Engine Repair in Oak Ridge, TN.

Turbochargers help improve the engine’s ignition by quickly compressing the air that flows into the engine, allowing for greater airflow into the chamber. More air in the combustion chamber allows for more fuel to be added during the combustion phase, providing the diesel engine with greater efficiency and, ultimately, more milers per gallon.

Benefits of Diesel Engine Repair

Your diesel engine can make relatively large amounts of noise during everyday operation. This makes diagnosing diesel engine problems difficult, especially when listening for signals of malfunction. There are a number of symptoms you can watch for that indicate your diesel engine may need maintenance. If your diesel engine is difficult to start, or if it runs at a lower number of RPM, these are signs of low fuel pressure, but can also indicate insufficient fuel supply or low-quality fuel. Every diesel engine requires different maintenance procedures as per the manufacturer, and so we recommend referring to your owner’s manual for specifics regarding your particular engine system.

Keep all your diesel engine components in proper working order, including fuel injectors, glow plugs, and turbochargers. This will increase the life of your diesel engine while ensuring maximum efficiency and promoting overall vehicle maintenance. If you need diesel engine repair in Oak Ridge, Knoxville, TN, or the surrounding area, be sure to call People’s Choice Auto Repair at (865) 272-3379.