What Should I Do to My Car Before a Long Road Trip?

Auto Maintenance

Are Your Ready for Your Next Road Trip? Check These Essential Elements of Auto Maintenance.

Summer is the season for road trips, and many vacationers set off without proper preparation for their cars. Your vehicle needs the benefit of regular car maintenance, especially if you plan to take it on a long trip. After all, the last thing you want is a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Proper car maintenance requires that you review a selection of factors before the commencement of a long trip.

To get started, it is helpful to review car maintenance requirements with a road trip car checklist:

  • Change Oil and Check Car Fluids
  • Check Air Conditioner
  • Change Your Air Filter
  • Check Your Tires
  • Check Your Brakes
  • Check Your Wipers and Wiper Fluid

If you can take care of these things, you’re in good shape to hit the road. Are you unsure about how to check your car fluids, brakes, AC, and more? Give us a call at (865) 272-3379, and we can handle these car maintenance issues quickly and thoroughly. People's Choice Auto Repair is your local expert for auto maintenance in Oak Ridge, TN.

How Often Should You Check the Fluids in Your Car?

Auto Maintenance

In Order to Prevent Disaster While On the Road, Make Sure to Check Your Car Fluids.

Adequate levels of car fluids are an essential requirement for safe operation of a vehicle. If you are inexperienced and uncomfortable with this, simply take your car to a professional mechanic like People's Choice Auto Repair. If you want to check your car fluids on your own, make sure to cover the following.

Transmission Fluid: Some cars come with a second dipstick that allows for the easy check-up of your transmission fluid. If your car only has a dipstick for oil, then you’ll need to have a mechanic check this fluid.

Brake Fluid: An essential fluid for the proper function of your brakes, you should check your brake once or twice a year. If you worry that you might forget, simply check the fluid every time you have an oil change.

Coolant: Your car’s coolant accomplishes two things. In the winter, it prevents your engine from freezing up. In the summer, it stops the engine from overheating. If you have low levels of coolant and decide to undertake a road trip, then your car will almost certainly overheat.

Wiper Fluid: Your car’s wiper fluid is an essential resource for long trips. Without it, you’ll find yourself scrubbing the windshield at regular intervals.

Check Your Oil: Even if fewer than 3,000 miles have passed since your last oil change, it’s always a good idea to check your oil before a road trip.

What Do You Need in a Car Emergency Kit?

Another element that could easily appear on a road trip car checklist is the essential nature of a car emergency kit. Once you’ve performed other elements of car maintenance, you’ll want to make sure that your car emergency kit contains some essentials. A first aid kit is absolutely a necessity, and it should contain everything needed to treat small wounds. Your car should also have a small fire extinguisher, road flares, and jumper cables. In order to provide for personal comfort, make sure to pack water, a flashlight, and a rain poncho. It will also help to have a multi-purpose tool and duct tape.

At People's Choice Auto Repair, we’re your local authority for auto maintenance in Oak Ridge, TN. To satisfy the requirements of maintenance and your road trip car checklist, give us a call today at (865) 272-3379.