Tire Catalog

At Peoples Choice Auto Repair, we provide new tires to customers in Oak Ridge, TN, Knoxville, TN, and surrounding areas. We believe in providing expert service and quality products from the ground up, and this starts with quality tires. Having a high-quality set of tires designed for your vehicle and the conditions you expect to see will go a long way toward improving safety and fuel efficiency. Here is some information you need to know before you shop for tires. Give us a call at (865) 272-3379.

Shop for Tires: Consumer Tire Guide

new tires, shop for tiresBelow are some of the measurements you will find that can help you determine the proper tire for your vehicle to provide the desired traits under expected conditions.

  • Tire Aspect Ratio: The relationship between the height of the sidewall and the width of the tire. A lower ratio means a lower sidewall, which provides better cornering and less cushioning against bumps in the road.
  • Tire Type: Refers to the type of vehicle the tire is designed for. Passenger (P), Temporary Spare (T), Light Truck (LT), and Special Trailers (ST) are the most common. No letter usually means that the tire is designed for use one European vehicles, and therefore uses the metric system.
  • Tire Width: This refers to the width of the tire, and is generally measured in millimeters. This measurement is made from the widest point of the sidewall on the outer edge, to the widest point of the inner sidewall, and is also known as section width.
  • Tire Construction: Refers to the internal construction of the tire. Most tires on the road are made with radial construction (R), which means the plies inside the tire run across one side of the tire directly to the other. Diagonal (D) and Belted (B) tires are also seen on certain models.
  • Speed Rating: This is the maximum speed at which the tire can safely carry a load under certain conditions. The speed rating can range from lowest (A) to highest (Y), although H falls between U and V. Although the design of your tire may allow for a speed rating that is higher than the speed limit, it is never recommended to exceed the lawful speed limit.
  • Load Index: Indicates the weight a tire can safely carry while inflated to its maximum recommend PSI. The number corresponds to a load capacity found on a load index chart.
  • Wheel Diameter: Refers to the diameter of the wheel the tire is designed to fit.

This information is designed to be educational in nature, and does not guarantee complete accuracy. As technology advances, new materials and design techniques may become available. Speaking with a professional who is knowledgeable about the latest tire technology on the market will always ensure you purchase the the very best when you shop for tires.

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