Capitol Tires

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Capitol tires are designed and manufactured by Itochu International and Nexen Tire Corporation. They are known for their high performance and reliability that is easy to afford. The tires are made with abrasion-resistance and unique tread patterns. Drivers love Capitol for the exceptional steering and cornering capabilities all while providing excellent traction and a quiet drive.

Capitol Tire Styles

Capitol has several styles of tires so you can find the right fit for your driving style.

Capitol Tires

Capitol Offers All Types of Tires for All Types of Vehicles for All Types of Prices.

  • Capitol Sport is all about high-performance The Sport tires have one of the best price-to-performance ratings. They are all-season, steel belted tires, built for great handling and control with excellent tread wear. The tires come with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty and road hazard protection for a year. For high-performance tires at an affordable price, check Capitol Sport. Sport tires come in two styles: UHP and A2000. Both are excellent tires for all-season driving in any weather conditions. The A2000 tire is built with rim protection and full-depth sipes for biting edges that give you even more grip.
  • Capitol Precision are reliable tires for truck and SUVs. They are designed for superb all-season performance and smooth, comfy drives. The tires come with road hazard warranties such as punctures and other damage and are protected against wear and tear. Precision tires are designed for exceptional performance in any weather conditions with great control.
  • Capitol All-Terrain Roadian tires have the best performance for both on the highway or off-road traveling. Whether you go on outdoor adventures or deal with rough terrain on the job, these tires will get you where you need to go. Roadian tires are designed to have excellent braking capabilities and steering response. They are resistant to hydroplaning and have R, T, and S speed ratings.

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