Continental Tires

Continental tires are high-quality tires known for excellent performance. You can find this and other brands at People’s Choice Auto Repair. We are located in Oak Ridge, TN, Knoxville, TN, and Clinton, TN. No matter what type of vehicle you own we will find the right Continental tires for your vehicle. Call us at (865) 272-3379 for more information.

Warranties and Benefits

Total Confidence Plan is a support plan for all new tires purchases that include roadside assistance and several warranties. The Customer Satisfaction Trial allows customers to return the tires within the first 30 days to 60 days from the purchase date. Each tire comes with Limited Warranty which ends 72 months after the purchase date. This warranty, a complimentary replacement is allowed within the first year.

Continental tires also include Flat Tire Road Assistance. There is no charge for towing for as far as 150 miles or you can receive free flat tire change within 72 months from the date of purchase.

Tire Styles

Continental Tires

Continental Tires Have Various Benefits and Warranties That Are Included. Contact Us To Learn About Them.

EcoPlus is designed to make your car more fuel efficient with better braking and control. The traction grooves are engineered for better grip in rain or snow. For more savings at the gas pump, check out the EcoPlus tires from Continental.

Track tire ForceContact is a street friendly and competition tire for drivers looking for serious performance. It was specially engineered with grip resins to have the best contact between the tire and the road. ForceContact was designed for optimal grip in cornering, precision steering, and excellent control.

SportPlus technology is designed to improve the tread life and better grip in bad weather conditions. It has precise steering for ultimate control and handling. It is designed with additional sipes for braking, cornering, and acceleration in snow.

PolarPlus are the ultimate winter tires to get safely from place to place in snowy conditions. The WinterContact SI technology has snow-biting ability to maximize braking and traction control in winter weather conditions.

To get more information on Continental tires and their high-performance selection of tires, come by and talk to the specialists at People’s Choice Auto Repair. Our team will help you find the best reliable tires for your vehicle and driving preferences.