Firestone Tires

Firestone Tires

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Firestone has been manufacturing quality tires for over 115 years. The company was first formed in Akron, Ohio to mass produce tires. They eventually became the original equipment supplier for Ford Motor Company though they continued production of replacement tires as well. The company was bought out by Bridgestone tires in 1988 and the headquarters were moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Firestone carries tires for every vehicle type for highway, off-road, and the racetrack.

Tire Styles

  • Affinity tires are designed for smooth and comfortable driving. These are quality all-season tires for optimal handling in wet and dry road conditions.
  • Champion tires are made with Fuel Fighter Technology which helps with roll resistance to increase your fuel economy. They come with Firestone’s longest limited mileage warranty.
  • Destination tires are a great option for truck drivers who are looking for a great all-around tire for on and off the road.
  • Firehawk tires are designed for sports performance. They have an excellent response time, braking and cornering. These tires are available in Summer and All-Season styles.
  • Precision Touring tires are engineered to have a long-lasting tread and ultimate comfort for mid-sized sedans. It has all-season performance and made with silica for tread flexibility to improve traction.
  • Transforce tires are built for work trucks with advanced tread technology with polyester and steel construction that helps prevent damage for a longer lasting life span.
  • Winterforce tires are the winter tires you need for reliable traction in the slush and snow. Designed with high-sipe density in the tread pattern for optimal handling and braking in the worst winter weather.

Get competitive pricing and warranty coverage with Firestone. All Firestone tires have a 30-day “buy & try” guarantee so if your new tires do not provide the performance you are looking for you can return them within thirty days of your original purchase.

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