How to Handle a Tire-Related Emergency

Tire Blowout

Calmness Represents the Proper Response to a Tire Blowout or Other Driving Emergency.

Every adult driver will at some point in their lives experience a tire-related emergency while driving. For some driving emergencies, the driver’s immediate response can make the difference between life and death. All drivers should understand the causes and ideal response to issues like a flat tire, tire blowout, or bad road conditions. If you ever suffer a tire blowout around Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN, remember People's Choice Auto Repair as the source for a quality replacement.

Tire-Related Driving Emergencies

The frequency and mundane nature of most car trips belies the various dangers of driving. While everyone understands the threat posed through auto accidents, few drivers realize how many wrecks are caused by tire-related crises. If you understand the nature of the most common threats, you can hopefully navigate a crisis with the calm that positive resolutions demand.

  • Tire Blowout
  • Immediate Stops
  • Sliding and Loss of Control
  • Rapid Steering

Though each of these situations is inherently dangerous, knowledge of the correct response can allow anyone to navigate them safely. Of all tire-related driving emergencies, tire failure is the most terrifying. If you encounter this situation, calmness represents the simple solution. Your gut reaction to a blowout or flat tire could lead to any number of dangerous responses, including slamming on your brakes or jerking the wheel. Either of these could lead to a wreck, or even flip your car. If you still have control of the vehicle, gently slow down and pull over. If you do not have control, all you must do is lightly press your accelerator. This will even the car out and allow you to keep it steady as you gently reduce speed and guide the vehicle to the side of the road.

Tire Blowout

Your Car’s Performance on Icy Roads Depends Heavily on the Condition of Your Tires.

Each of the other problems generally relates to road conditions. For example, an obstruction, or the sudden appearance of an animal, can lead drivers to rapidly jerk their wheel or slam their brakes. If you need to avoid something in the road, turn your wheel smoothly. As for an immediate stop, cars equipped with anti-lock brakes can handle the situation admirably. As quickly as you can, simply press hard on your brakes. Though they might shudder, keep pressing until you come to a full stop. If you ever find yourself sliding on a wet or icy road, abandon all resistance. Keep the wheel steady, but pump neither the gas nor brakes. Your tires will naturally regain traction, at which point you can correct your course.

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Faulty, worn, or damaged tires are the culprits behind many driving emergencies. If your tires have seen better days, protect yourself and have them replaced. Excellent materials can help mitigate a tire emergency, so protect yourself with quality tires from BFGoodrich or another top-tier brand. To ask any questions about our products, feel free to call us anytime at __PHONE__. If you ever suffer a tire blowout in Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN, turn to the team at People's Choice Auto Repair. In addition to a replacement for your shredded tire, we can inspect those remaining for signs of wear and tear. If you need a whole new set, we’re your leaders in terms of selection and affordable prices. To learn more about tires we carry or schedule an appointment for replacement, call __PHONE__ today.